The first version of ParaFEM was developed by L. Margetts under the supervision of I.M. Smith and M.A. Pettipher:

“Parallel Finite Element Analysis”, PhD Thesis, University of Manchester, UK.Margetts L. (2002)

After this, ParaFEM formed the basis for Chapter 12 in:

“Programming the Finite Element Method”, 4th Edition, Wiley, 2004.Smith I.M. and Griffiths D.V.

ParaFEM is also used for parallel boundary element analysis in:

“The Boundary Element Method with Programming”, Springer, 2008.Beer G., Smith I.M. and Duenser C.

The latest version is described in:

“Programming the Finite Element Method”, 5th Edition, Wiley, 2014.Smith I.M., Griffiths D.V. and Margetts L.